The Consistency Course

Plan and execute your top 3 goals in 90 days or less!

“Why don’t I have what I want yet?”

I get it you are sick of wanting and wishing for things but never seeing them come to fruition. You have big goals and dreams but are stuck in a rut. Plagued by procrastination, you wait around year after year despite having set huge goals on January 1st.

Hi, my name is Adina and I was just like you. I struggled year after year when it came to my goals. Throughout my collegiate life my time management skills and work ethic were so poor that I consistently ended up backed up with work. Faced with the overwhelm of my failed endeavors and academic suspension, I had a mental breakdown that landed me in the hospital. 

It wasn’t until I got my habits together and started implementing the self help and time management strategies taught in this program, that I finally overcame my struggles to achieve my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. It was a rough road but despite my past failures, despite my battles with depression, I did it and so can you.

The only reason you haven’t attained your biggest goals is because no one has walked you through how to properly set goals and then set systems to make those goals actionable and achievable!

With the success system that I will be teaching you inside The Consistency Course I was able to:

  • Overcome major depression 
  • Appeal my academic suspension and finally achieve my Bachelors in Chemistry 
  • Register my first business and create my first digital products 
  • Develop the time management and self discipline skills to manage multiple goals projects, routines and habits

I was in the same position you are in…

Wasting hours journaling and creating vision boards about what I wanted 

Scouring the internet and consuming hours of content about “manifestation” hoping I could wish my goals into existence

Watching others’ successes and wondering “What do they have that I don’t?”

I was wanting and wishing until I learned that the key to success is consistency and that consistency is built through systems!

When it comes to accomplishing your goals there’s more to it than just writing down what you want and visualizing. It takes daily consistent action and an organized effort. This can be accomplished by building the proper systems to keep you on track and inspire you to keep going when things get challenging.

What you’ll learn in The Consistency Course:

Identify what character traits are associated with successfully accomplishing your goals

Dismantle limiting beliefs surrounding the accomplishment of your goals

Develop the self-confidence to reattempt past failures

Identify your domino goals

Identify keystone habits associated with your goals

Break down large intimidating goals into 90 day milestones habits and projects

Identify habits associated with achieving your goals

Reform existing habits into daily routines and practices designed for success

Create a reward system for successfully accomplished goals

Develop systems to track and monitor the progress of your goals and projects

Create weekly routines aimed at the achievement of your goals

Create an environment conducive for success

Develop the skills necessary to be consistent when working on goals

Identify stressors and create a self care routine

While everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams, not everyone is ready for that level of success.

I know it sounds a bit crazy but it’s true. Success and achieving your goals takes work and not everyone is willing to do what it takes. While I create content to help people at different levels I am specific about who I want to take this course.

This program is for you if:

  • You are finally ready to dismantle the limiting belief systems that have you procrastinating and doubting yourself
  • You have big goals and dreams and are ready to put the work in to see them come to fruition
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to your goal achievement process but you are willing to learn
  • You have a good idea of what you need to do to see your dreams come to life, you just need the consistency

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to do the work to see your goals through
  • You are committed to the excuses you’ve made in the past and are continuing to make
  • You don’t care to learn any personal development techniques that could potentially change the way you do things
  • You are unwilling to make changes in your life